What You Get For $185

What You Get For $185

page report thoroughly explains how each mineral and metal affects the body.

What You Get For $185

The Horse Hair Analysis Report provides an extremely accurate profile of a horse’s biochemistry. Hair is the first place nutritional deficiencies are detected. While blood testing is a good resource for acute problems, crisis situations and liver or kidney issues, it is not the best diagnostic tool for nutrition-based health problems.

Once you purchase online, your order confirmation email will contain a link to download the forms needed to begin the Horse Hair Analysis® program. Hair sampling instructions will be included with the forms you must print, complete and then mail to DePaolo Equine Concepts. Upon receipt of the paperwork and sample, the office will email you an acknowledgement.

The hair sample will be processed at one of the most respected and experienced laboratories in the hair tissue mineral analysis field. The Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer is used to assess the minerals that are deposited in the hair as it grows.

The laboratory takes approximately 10 business days to test the hair and provide the results to DePaolo Equine Concepts. You will receive a thorough detailed report via email complete with comprehensive graphs detailing each mineral and metal level.

The 15-page report thoroughly explains how each mineral and metal affects the body. Nutritional mineral and metal imbalances, as well as heavy metal toxicities, are explained with graphs and easy to read text. The report also identifies causes and common symptoms of the minerals/metals, which test outside of the normal range.

A phone consultation with Dr. Mark DePaolo is provided within approximately 10 days of you receiving the HHA Report. He will address each deficiency and toxicity present, explain how your horse’s current diet affected the results, and how to improve your feed program moving forward. Dr. DePaolo will also go over each of the health concerns marked on the Symptom Questionnaire. This is a great opportunity to learn how his common-sense approach to nutrition can have a tremendous positive impact on your horse’s health!

For many years, I wondered about hair analysis and if it was really valid.  I've spent thousands on joint injections, bone scans, blood work ups and other treatments. After reading my report, talking with Dr. DePaolo about the results, and then feeding the HHA supplement, I have a new horse and a happy horse. If you want to know if your horse is healthy and absorbing what you're feeding, get the HHA. It's the best money you will spend.
Amilda Coffman

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