Horse Hair Analysis

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Customized Nutritional Evaluation

  • Illustrates nutritional imbalances
  • Identifies toxic heavy metals
  • Supplementation recommendation from a Veterinarian 

Horse Hair Analysis® is a cutting edge lab test and customized analysis report allowing for deeper understanding of what may be causing unsolved equine health problems.  HHA® has become a revolutionary approach for owners, trainers and veterinarians looking to help horses regain optimum health and performance.  

Many issues faced by horse owners can be explained with Horse Hair Analysis®. Mineral deficiencies may show up as Cushings, ulcers, chronic body soreness, low energy, tying up, tendon/ligament issues, abnormal heat cycles, and decreased performance. On the other hand, metal toxicities are commonly expressed as allergies, laminitis, nervousness, vaccine reactions and neurologic disorders.

Horse Hair Analysis® tests the last 90 day average of the vitamins and minerals that actually made it into the hair, rather than just being excreted into urine, which directly correlates to what the rest of the body’s tissues were able to metabolize.

Once you purchase Horse Hair Analysis®, you will receive easy to follow instructions via email explaining how to mail your horses’ hair to us for testing. Taking the hair sample is easy! This short video explains the process: 

Approximately 1-2 weeks after sending in the hair sample, you will receive a detailed customized report in the mail. The report contains 15 pages of visual graph demonstrations and very thorough explanations for each mineral/metal tested by the laboratory. A HHA Personal Supplement™ will be recommended to help bring the deficient or toxic levels into a healthier range.

*Please call the office, 940-686-9111, for information on a multiple horse discount if you are interested in testing 3 or more horses at once.



Once your purchase is submitted, you will receive an Order Confirmation email with a dropbox link.  You will use this link to download the hair sampling instructions and forms necessary to begin the program.  We cannot complete your HHA without the filled out Submission Form, Symptom Questionnaire and hair sample.