Customized Supplement for Optimum Health

Customized Supplement for Optimum Health

Taking action to address the report findings with HHA Personal Supplement™ is the next and most important step for your horse. This customized supplement will assist in bringing the deficient levels into a healthier range.

ONE IN FOUR horses tested showed to be deficient in at least one of the electrolyte minerals. The lack of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium may affect performance, recovery time, sensitivity to touch, anxiety and attitude. The only way to improve deficiencies is to increase the levels of key nutritional minerals/metals with bio-available supplementation.

If toxic levels of heavy metals have been identified, chelating (detoxifying) ingredients will be included in your customized supplement. Heavy metal toxicities are associated with colic, neurologic problems, skin allergies and endocrine disorders. Without chelating toxicities from the body through supplementation, your horse will not achieve optimum health.

Based on the laboratory results, a customized supplement can be made specifically for your horse. The HHA Personal Supplement™ bucket contains a 6 month supply, which fits into one of these three categories to address your horse’s issues,

— Majorly deficient - $125
— Toxic - $175

It is recommended to feed two buckets prior to sending in a retest hair sample.


One of my horses was so feet sore I couldn't ride her for a couple years. With no luck on diagnosis, I got her hair tested, and she was off the charts toxic with lead. Once I started her on the HHA Personal Supplement to chelate out the toxicity, she made a big turn around! Now she is ridden and competes consistently. I am so impressed with this product, all my horses get tested and fed the customized supplement for optimal health.
—Molly Vosburg