The Basics of Horse Hair Analysis

The Basics of Horse Hair Analysis

Proper nutrition is the most critical ingredient in allowing your horse to thrive. It is discouraging when you are trying to prepare for a competition, clinic or trail ride and you are unable to participate because of lingering health issues.

A diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can negatively impact a horse's ability to perform to the level an owners wants. Inadequate nutrition may lead to recurring physical setbacks resulting in expensive treatment protocols (i.e. Bone Scan, IRAP, Shockwave, joint injections). In addition, the immune system may be weakened, which can lead to recurring ailments such as allergies or scratches. Horse Hair Analysis® testing can reveal when mineral/metal toxicities are present. This will allow owners to adjust their feed program before issues arise.

Behavioral or training issues exhibited by ‘difficult’ horses are often the result of nutritional imbalances. Hours of lunging and riding frustration can be avoided with proper diet. These challenges are consistently explained with Horse Hair Analysis®. Testing can reveal when mineral/metal imbalances are present, and allow owners to adjust their feed program to nutritionally support their horse based on lab results.


Tiger's Horse Hair Analysis Report showed nutritional deficiencies and toxic arsenic levels. After a few months on the HHA Personal Supplement to address the unhealthy mineral and metal levels, he became much stronger, sure-footed, and performed better than he ever had before. I have my horse back!
—Patti Porter