Understanding Heavy Metal Toxicities

Understanding Heavy Metal Toxicities

Heavy (toxic) metals are known to interfere with normal biochemical function and are deadly to cells and tissues when allowed to accumulate in the body. Treated wood, contaminated drinking water and pesticides are common sources of toxicity. All heavy metals cross the placental barrier, so mares can pass them on to foals.

It is important to recognize that toxins can be transported for miles through water and air. The location of where your feed (hays and grains) is grown could be downstream from a mining, manufacturing or waste management facility and could thus be a source of toxicity.

The body’s protective response is to ‘hide’ toxic metals deep in organs and tissues. Without chelating toxicities from the body, the horse will never be healthy. Horse Hair Analysis© testing will reveal chronic levels of toxicity.


Josh continued to deteriorate mentally until I didn't even want to ride him. He had continuous diarrhea that nothing I tried helped. The last straw for me was when his tail and the rest of his mane started falling out in huge clumps, so I tried the Horse Hair Analysis. When his results came back I was shocked and relieved to finally see what could be bothering my horse. He had many imbalances and the scariest part was a mercury toxicity.

Within a month of starting the custom supplement and following Dr. DePaolo's feed program, I noticed huge changes in Josh. His mane grew in thick and fast and his tail grew rapidly. His diarrhea cleared up. Perhaps best of all, he has become enjoyable to ride. His whole demeanor, attitude and physical appearance have improved.

I was very impressed with how kindly Dr. DePaolo treated me when I had questions. He made me feel like my horses problems were important to him.
—Alyssa Roth-Fortune