The Program


First, order your Horse Hair Analysis in the on-line store.  You will receive an order confirmation with a link to a downloadable two page instructions sheet and symptoms questionnaire. Simply print, fill out and send the sheets along with a pencil width section of your horse's mane.  Within a few weeks you will receive in the mail a customized report created by Mark DePaolo, DVM analyzing your horse's results. The report package will also contain a recommendation for the HHA Personalized Supplement designed specifically for your horse to achieve optimum health.



Once you order the Horse Hair Analysis, you will receive an email giving you sampling instructions, a submission form and a symptoms questionnaire. Follow our easy instructions on cutting a pencil width section of clean hair and send it along with the paperwork to DePaolo Equine Concepts.

The mane sample is then sent off to our laboratory where it takes 8-10 business days for processing. Once the lab results are received in our office, they are evaluated by Dr. DePaolo and a thorough report, complete with comprehensive graphs detailing each mineral and metal level is then sent to the owner.

The report explains how each mineral/metal affects the body and identifies common symptoms or levels outside the normal range. Most importantly, a personalized feed program and supplement recommendation is also included – A critical tool to allowing your horse to achieve its full potential.



The Personal Supplement that DePaolo Equine Concepts will make for your horse from the Horse Hair Analysis® results will help to bring the deficient levels of vitamins and minerals into a healthier range. If toxic levels of heavy metals are found, they will be chelated (detoxed) by this customized supplement.

The HHA Personal Supplement® is formulated as a 160 day supply, to get your horse started on its way to better health. HHA Personal Supplement safely provides your horse with its missing vital nutritional needs every day.




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