HHA Personal Supplement

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Horse Hair Analysis® is a cutting edge lab test and customized analysis report allowing for deeper understanding of what may be causing unsolved equine health problems.  HHA® has become a revolutionary approach for owners, trainers and veterinarians looking to help horses regain optimum health and performance. 

After you have received your Horse Hair Analysis® results from DePaolo Equine Concepts, you will need to call to order the customized HHA Personal Supplement™. This is the next and most important step for your horse – taking action to address the report findings.

The HHA Personal Supplement™ will assist in bringing the deficient levels of vitamins and minerals into a healthier range. The majority of HHA® reports have shown horses to be deficient in the four critical electrolyte minerals. The lack of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium may affect performance, recovery time, sensitivity to touch, anxiety and attitude. The only way to improve deficiencies is to increase the levels of key vitamins and minerals with bio-available supplementation.

If toxic levels of heavy metals have been identified, chelating (detoxifying) ingredients will be included in your customized supplement. Heavy metal toxicities are associated with colic, ulcers, neurologic problems, muscle tremors, body soreness, tying up, skin issues, and endocrine disorders. Treated wood that is being chewed and contaminated drinking water are common sources of heavy metal toxicity. Without chelating toxicities from the body through supplementation, your horse will not achieve optimum health.

The HHA Personal Supplement™ contains a 160 day supply, and prices vary from $125 to $175 based on the ingredients required based on the test results.