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Essential Amino Acid for Optimum Health

  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Supports a healthy nervous system
  • Promotes overall health

L-Lysine is a critical building block for all protein in the body. It is an essential amino acid that cannot be created by the body, so it must be obtained by food or supplements. Grains and grasses are considered inadequate sources of Lysine.  Using L-Lysine supplementation at times of stress is key to calcium absorption, building muscle protein, boosting the immune system and supporting the body's production of hormones, enzymes, antibodies. 

L-Lysine is widely considered as a helpful nutritional supplement for Herpes Virus outbreaks in people. One of the most common diseases of the modern day horse is a disease called Equine Rhinopneumonitis, which is caused by a herpes virus. Rhino is the inflammation of the respiratory tract somewhere between the nose and the lungs. Horses are typically infected at a young age (between 2-4 years), usually during their first respiratory tract infection. Since Rhino is caused by a herpes virus, it lives in the horses body and cannot be cured.  Outbreaks may also occur during times of high stress to the immune system (i.e. training, hauling, shows, other disease/infections, ulcers etc.).

Supplementing the immune system with Lysine can be very beneficial to optimal health and performance. This proactive approach will help your horse when exposed to EHV, Strangles, Rhino, West Nile, Lyme Disease and other infectious illnesses while under stress.

Lysine is also recommended to help strengthen brittle hooves and promote a good hair coat. Brewers Yeast and fenugreek powder are added to make the Lysine more palatable to your horse.

A good feed program is extremely important to the overall health of your horse.  The Health Library contains informative articles in the Nutrition category. Horses diagnosed or suspected of having viral or bacterial infections or any neurologic dysfunction, are not healthy enough to be vaccinated. It is also important to not over-vaccinate, and in particular to not vaccinate a sick horse or in the face of an outbreak.  For more information, please read the Vaccinations articles.

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