Thank you to our loyal clients for sharing their amazing success stories!

"Horse Hair Analysis takes the guesswork out of providing balanced nutrition to my young horses."
Jolene Montgomery, BFA World Champion, Lifetime Earnings Over $1,000,000.

"My futurity horse had issues with tying up, ulcers and weight loss then I discovered Horse Hair Analysis. It gave me the answers I was looking for. Now I test all of my horses to take the guess work out of my feed program."
Jordon Briggs, BFA World Champion / NFR Qualifier


“What a comeback! I took Bennie to a dressage show and the judges commented that he seemed tired. We discovered that he was hot and starting to swell in his hocks. We went through so many different vets and vet bills over the next year and a half trying to diagnose his pain. Eventually he became sore in all four legs and we were concerned we may have to put him down. Finally, we tried Horse Hair Analysis and discovered he was extremely high in iron and manganese plus he was deficient in some important minerals. As a result, we put him on a Personal Supplement. He was dramatically better in 30 days! Now he feels good enough to play hard out in the pasture. It’s so great to have him back.”
Sarah A.

“My daughter's hunter, Rosie, had so many health issues that we couldn't keep competing with her. During a year and a half, there were digestive issues and repeated lameness. I had to figure out what was going on with her, so we tried Horse Hair Analysis. Two months after starting her on the Personal Supplement we started seeing great improvement. It took about a year for her complete recovery. Now she is in great health!”
Melanie D.

“I received the HHA report and thank you for your careful analysis, explanations, and recommendations for “Lia”. I am VERY happy that I decided to have this done. The results make excellent sense to me given my observation and experience with Lia for the past eight months that I have been her owner/guardian. Her anxiety level, mood swings, and lack of coordination in her hindquarters fits with your analysis. She has significant nutritional deficiencies. I will follow up with a second hair analysis in 12 months. I think it’s a good idea for this to be done annually.”
Dianna E.

“I'm busy with two children, so I don't have my time to compete with my mare Eternity, but I still wanted her to be her best. She was stiff, agitated and grumpy. I did Horse Hair Analysis and we were surprised to find out what was going on for her. We started her on the customized Personal Supplement and she is doing so much better. It's awesome!”
Lonnie S.

“We had been through many health challenges with Windy. She had allergies and performance issues. She would resist moving out, would just stop, try to buck, look at her stomach or swish her tail. We did the Horse Hair Analysis to see what was challenging her immune system. The report indicated high arsenic and some other heavy metals; low selenium (common with Willamette Valley horses) and low in some other trace minerals. Dr. Mark created a special supplement to chelate the heavy metals. We've been feeding it a few weeks and this week things really started to change. This last week Windy has started to move freely again. It is great to see her romping out in the field and under saddle she's much more willing to extend. I'm hoping we are nearing the end of a long transition! I feel like once these products work, they really fix the problems, and we’ve saved a tremendous regimen of vet bills!”
Bonnie R.

“Zahrah had hives for years. After doing the HHA, we purchased the personal supplement designed just for her. She has been hive free since January. We are so pleased. She's happier, more expressive and has more energy. I highly recommend Horse Hair Analysis.”
Lauren M.

“Image was depressed, overweight, had loss of balance and foot issues. He was a mess. Horse Hair Analysis turned up toxic levels of arsenic and manganese. As soon as we addressed this with the Personal Supplement, he was on his way back to health. Now he is the athlete I love to ride!”
Julianna S.

“I am a big believer in the hypothesis that if we’re supplying all the right nutrients and if they’re as close to the optimum levels as possible, we can avoid a lot of the health problems for our horses. In addition, they will have considerably enhanced performance and lives. Horse Hair Analysis is the perfect solution. I will do it annually, to make sure we can track the results for my mare Lia.”
Dianna E.

“My Arab gelding had been tying up, so we ran a Horse Hair Analysis for him. Based on the results of his report, Dr. Mark made a customized personal supplement that we put him on right away. I’m so happy that we did. Aldrin is a new horse!”
Janet M.

“We suggest Horse Hair Analysis to our clients to sort out everything from metabolic disorders to lameness issues. If you have health questions, then HHA has the answers.”
Mark P.

“Trixie has been on her HHA supplement for lead toxicity (for 6 months). I've seen many changes in her but this past weekend at her first show in a year, two things were very obvious. First- she stayed 'with me' in my classes- she didn't anticipate or get anxious about transitions etc. Secondly- the In Hand judge commented on how 'sweet' Trixie is. That is one trait she has never been given before. Trixie used to be 'moody' or 'mareish'...NEVER sweet. I'm so thankful for your services and products and for helping Trixie feel so much better.”
Ann S.

“Hank is doing incredibly well on his supplement! His hives (allergic to hay and grass) have almost been eliminated completely! He can be turned out on grass again and he is the happiest horse for it! Can’t thank your team enough.”
Christine S.

“Bonanza is not spooky at stupid things now and has freer front end movement. She also gallops and plays with the rest of the herd like she did when she was younger.”
Val M.

“Matt is a 4 yr old barrel horse who was unhealthy on and off ever since birth. He had attitude problems, energy problems, and obvious nutrition problems. I treated him for ulcers and everything else gastro out there on the market. Matt never became consistently healthy and happy until he was started on his own HHA Personal Supplement.”
Colleen B.

“I first of all want to say thanks so much to Dr. DePaolo for all that he has done for Rocker. He is running better than ever eating better as well. I would recommend doing HHA to anyone that has a horse in question.”
Bonnie B.

“I thought that I was never going to find an answer to why my horse Joker was not acting himself. Come to find Joker was off the scale toxic with arsenic. After 6 months of detox, he now feels AMAZING! I don’t know where Joker’s health would be today without you.”
Bridget H.

“HHA Personal Supplement saved Ellie’s life. I had never heard of Arsenic and Aluminum toxicity and had not considered this was possibly causing Ellie’s lameness problems.”
Kathy D.

“Fristco is in top shape now. He does not look 20 year old. The pre-Cushing’s symptoms went away after the use of the personal supplement. It also helped to eliminate skin allergies, hives and cough.”
Carolyn W.

“Quela has had many bouts with colic over the years, many visits with the vet, many trailer rides to work the belly ache out, etc. Since she’s been on her HHA Personal Supplement & Excel I’ve had absolutely no bouts of colic with her – not one! I can’t begin to express what peace of mind this has given me.”
Therese K.

“We saw positive results within three months. As we phased Astro off his medications, his body was able to maintain a good comfort level with just the supplements. I rate the program a 10!”
Diane A.